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A car amplifier plays an important as it boosts the electric signals therefore increasing overall power.Over the years NVX has designed some of the most amazing and groundbreaking products in amplifier history.In this article you will find an NVX class D review.

1 The NVX Boost seriesmaxresdefault

This particular amplifier combines over four decades of car audio experience of outstanding power output without taking to much space of you car.It has an integrated overload ,short circuit ,thermal and reverse polarity circuit protection that ensures the Boost Amplifier series powers your car for a long period of time.
This amplifier’s mono block also includes a wired remote bass knob and puts up to 750 watts of clean RMS to power your car sub woofers.
Other amazing features of the NVX BDA7501 Mono block class D amplifier include;
High quality platinum finish connections
250mV-60V input sensitivity
90dB signal to noise ratio
20-500 Hz frequency response
Variable bass boost(0 to plus 18dB bass boost@50 HZ)
Fluid subsonic filter
It is built in overload short circuit thermal and reverse polarity circuit protection e.t.c
Please note that a 4 gauge power and ground wiring is required during installation.

2. NVX MVP micro V amplifier series

This particular amplifier is the smallest amplifier ever produced by the NVX engineering team!These small but powerful amps measure in just 4 W”x5-7/16″. These new MVP series amps use a cutting edge micro class D circuitry to keep the footprints small but with high efficiency and output.These amps are perfect for small cars,smart cars or motorcycles as they do not require to much space.
These amps have variable low pass filter(40-400Hz) and 200mV-5V input sensitivity.The RMS power rating for these small amps is 4ohms:200 watts x 1chan and 2ohms:300watts x 1chan.
It is important to note that this NVX amp is a mono channel amp with an 8 AWG maximum input gauge size with speaker level inputs and no preamp outputs.
Please note that an 8 gauge power and ground wiring is required for installation.

3.NVXJAD1200.1 Mono block Class D Amplifier, 1200RMS

The NVX engineering teams’ ability and commitment to produce quality products is best epitomized the JAD amplifier series.This amazing piece strikes minimal design of the ultra compact chassis.The footprint for this product is roughly 2″thick and can easily be stashed under the seat of any car.These amps are also very tough from the inside to outside based on the strong aluminum housing to the 3 way circuit with LED lighting.
The NVX engineering team reduced the size of the chassis by employing a class D circuitry which benefits the car with incredible efficiency and minimal power output since more of the battery power is turned into real amp power this ingenious design ensures minimum heat is generated.
The NVX amps are currently in available in 3 designs but the NVXJAD1200.1 is the only one in the series with an RMS power ou7tput ranging from 500 to 1200 watts and can be used to achieve an level of bass desired.
Other features to look for in this product includes: 200 Dumping factor and a 200 mV-6v input sensitivity among many other features.
Please note like in most of these products the NVXJAD1200.1 Mono block amp requires a 4 gauge power and ground wiring is required for installation.
NVX has over the year produced a wide range of amplifiers classified under the NVX Boost series NVS JAD Series the NVX MVP series and NVX XPLD Series.

It is also important to note that the above review only indicates some and not all the products from the NVX amplifiers store.

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How to Get the Best Auto Repair Service

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Imagine your car has a major problem while you are driving, in a hurry to get somewhere, and the nearest car repair shop is far away from your location. This is a situation that could make you very late for work or wherever else you are going.
Such situations can be avoided by having regular maintenance and repair on your car. By maintaining each and every part of the car, including the engine, tires, air conditioner, air filters, battery, brakes, etc., you can more readily pinpoint problems in your vehicle and avoid costly auto repair expense in the future. If you follow preventive maintenance measures, then you could save time, effort, and money in the long run.

Many auto repair service shops provide a team of professional mechanics and technicians who help you to drive a well-maintained, smooth running vehicle. The best auto repair service shops will inspect the following items during regularly scheduled maintenance service:

Tires are extremely vital component to a well running vehicle. Tires handle the weight of the vehicle, help the vehicle change direction, and control the vehicle’s movement. There are many tire manufacturers to choose from, including:

American Radicals
and many more

Trusted tire professionals like Auto Tech Repair will analyze your tire usage, your budget, and suggest tire brands and models that are appropriate for your vehicle. If you are searching for the best tires for your vehicle, make sure to write down the following information to make sure you get a perfect set of tires:

Current tire style
Tire make
Tire model number
Tire width
Tire ratio
Tire diameter
Tire size
Tire service description
Tire Warranty

Heating and Cooling System:
The heating and air conditioning systems on vehicles do eventual wear out after long term use. When performing heating and air conditioning maintenance service on any vehicle, the best auto shops will examine the:

Compressor belt
Check the pressure of the cooling system
Screen the air cooling systems for refrigerant leaks.

Car Battery:
The battery is a critical part to start your vehicle and keep all those computerized systems in your vehicle operating. The best auto repair professionals will test the condition of the battery along with checking the alternator, belt tension, and battery wear and tear.

Braking System:
In order to ensure the safety of the passengers, the brakes should be checked on a regular basis. Professional auto repair teams advise car owners to keep an eye on the brake fluid levels and get the brakes inspected at least once a year.

Truck Maintenance:
Some automobiles require more maintenance than others, such as trucks. Auto repair shops that specialize in truck repair should also inspect other parts, such as:

Air filters

Look for auto repair shops that have multiple locations so you can easily get there in case of emergency.
Select auto repair service shops that offer a lifetime warranty and use the latest high-tech equipment.
Choose shops that offer VIP card service to their customers, where you can earn special discounts on oil changes, tire replacement, etc.
Seek out an auto repair shop that will personally explain exactly what they will do with the vehicle and why.

When you choose the best auto repair service based on this criteria, the process of trusting your car to them will be much easier, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief.

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Finding a Collision Center You Can Trust

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If you have an automobile, you should always be mindful of the auto body repair shops located near your home. In the unfortunate event of wrecking your vehicle, a skilled body shop can be your knight in shining armor, choose the wrong one and your day is about to get much worse, here is one such case:

In fact, you should have an idea of all such shops which are located in your locality and not just near your home, because you never know when you might need the services of such a store. There are hundreds of such shops located near the highways where the need of such shops in felt the most.

There are several auto body shops today in Los Angeles which offer a wide range of services to their customers. In fact, there are many body and paint shop also which are ready to offer their repair and servicing works to their clients. Body and paint shop is any body shop which performs the dual function of repairing any damage caused to the body of your car and then painting it. In fact, when you are looking for any body shop, it is suggested that you check out if the shop is going to offer you the service of painting also or else after your repair work is done, you might be required to visit another store to get the repair work done for your shop.

Suppose, there has been an unfortunate case of car collision and you are in desperate need of a car body shop – how do you select a shop? There is several such Los Angeles auto body shops which are located in the region. There are hundreds of automobiles which break down when they are traveling on the beach – what do you do in such a case? You just need to get in touch with a shop which offers excellent body and paint services. In fact, if you are in Los Angeles, you will be flooded with options. There are innumerable shops which shall offer you painting services along with repair – you just need to check out a little more on such body shops in Los Angeles and find out more about their services, before you choose to hire any such shop. Though you can always try out new shops which are offering their services, it is best to check out the services of experienced companies so that you can be assured that your car body is in safe hands.

There have been innumerable cases when a car body which was meant for repairs and an improved look was damaged further at any body shop. Do not let this happen with your car. You do not have to be in a hurry when you are choosing any body shop in Los Angeles. You just need to be patient and go through the profiles of such companies, learn about their services and experts who are working on behalf of such shops, so that you have an idea about the kind of service you can expect from such a shop. This shall also assure you that your car body is in safe hands while you have left it in an auto body repair store.

There are several auto body repair shops today which offer a wide range of services to their customers. Body and paint shop is any body shop which performs the dual function of repairing any damage caused to the body of your car and then painting it.

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Automotive Discussion: A Motorcycle Or A Car?

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Automotive Discussion: A Motorcycle Or A Car?

Ask any motorcyclist whether they would rather have an auto or a cruiser, and they will run with the last mentioned. There are various reasons why individuals favor cruisers over autos (as most likely there are various reasons why individuals lean toward autos over bikes – however today we are going to discuss bikes).
Having the bike certainly has its various advantages, be that as it may, some time or another I am going to specify only five of the most clear reasons why you ought to get a cruiser, and why it is ideal to have a bike than an auto.
Where Can You Park?

With cruisers you don’t need to stress over getting a parking spot. You can stop your bike fundamentally all around. Likewise, you will have the capacity to go to spots you maybe can’t pass via auto.

Cruisers are advantageous in light of the fact that you can put them and abandon them all over, and you need to stress over finding a spot for your bike, subsequent to wherever is an appropriate spot for your bike.

Moving In Traffic
Motorcyclists may appear like eager individuals when they begin circumventing your auto in movement, however this couldn’t be further far from reality. Alright, so maybe a few motorcyclists are anxious, however for the lion’s share is just truly amusing to circumvent autos and it additionally spares your time. Likewise, at whatever point you are stuck in activity with your auto, motorcyclists can circumvent a congested road in their bikes. This is correctly why it is extremely helpful to have a bike, and additionally why numerous motorcyclists lean toward their cruiser to their autos.
The Adrenaline Rush
Nothing can supplant the astounding feeling you get once you get on your cruiser. It’s the sentiment opportunity, as well as the sentiment power. It would all be able to just be contrasted with the inclination you get when you are flying do in the sky. The adrenaline surge will make your heart to go wild.

Motorcyclists additionally cherish their bikes since they can do all these modest changes and repairs on their bikes, so it resemble being a technician for an interest. Numerous motorcyclists truly appreciate getting parts for their bikes, cleaning them, repairing them, and improving them. It is as though they were caring for their closest companion.
The Speed Is What Counts

Oh, yes the speed! Nothing can make you disregards your stresses like a decent and cruiser ride. You will have the capacity to speed along the streets, similar to you would never have done in an auto, the inclination simply isn’t the same.

With the cruiser, it’s equitable you, the bike, and the street – is there much else lovely than that?

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